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About Us

About GrowMe

We are a Saudi-based revolutionary digital marketplace to help finding the best in class talents, trainer and tutors. 

GrowMe vision is to advance the talents and freelancers matching platforms, by providing the ability to the talents to independently work and tutor/ train on their free time, whenever and wherever suits them right at the customers fingertip through seamless digital experience, highly competitive pricing and a secure way to pay.

GrowMe get you the best freelance talents for your tasks, tutors and trainers to assist you to grow-up professionally and even academically! Wherever, whenever you want! 

How it Works?

Learn anything and achieve what you are aiming for with GrowMe

All you have to do is just 

1. Register and answer few questions

2. Pick your perfect matched talent and grower based on your price and location preferences

3. Book your lesson and tell your grower when and where you would like to meet!

Our Services

1. University Tutoring

2. School Tutoring

3. Career development coaching (professional training courses e.g. accounting, project management, HR, etc.)

4. Languages Tutoring

5. Life-skills Coaching (cooking, photography, etc)

6. Musical instrument coaching

7. Fitness and wellness Coaching

8. Task Helper (freelancers in website development, business plans, financial modeling, presentation, app development, etc.)

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Contact Us

Whether you are a corporate that wants to discuss working together, a customer that wants to take advantage of our services, a member of the press, an investor or anyone else that is interested in NOW Money, we would like to hear from you. Please email info@growme.org